A scientist and a musician composing a song in the language of quantum physics… String theory… Super string theory… M-theory… In minors not majors. Pieces of the puzzle falling as the notes rise with the sound of music… While the poet and...

The Fool is a Bane

We banish those who are different; we crucify them and burn their remains. We scatter their ashes into the wind so nothing remains. When they are gone, we do not speak of them… not even their names. There is no room for those who cannot conform for they are...

The Book of Crows

I vanished from the land when I was banished. As I fled the witch hunters, I stole The Book of Crows: Keepers of the dead. I have their history… their story… All their misplaced glory. It is no different from your own really… If I changed the names...

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