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The Charioteer
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The Charioteer

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We have two choices when following any path in life – steer our own course or be steered. If you put all your belief in fate, you will let your course be dictated. If that happens you cannot then complain if you feel less than happy with what ensues. After all, we are all here with the ability to be self-empowered. If however, you choose to be the master of your own destiny, you may find staying on course is not easy. As you try to hold firm with those reins you may scream silently within as you deal with the pain of the fight. So what keeps us going when the going gets tough? Maybe it is a primal instinct which we have long lost touch with. Although our eyes may be closed as we struggle to maintain a direction, our instincts can and will kick in. 

Just as the wolf will not give up in its chase for food and survival, we follow one course for sure – the course which starts with life and ends with death on this plane. How we tackle that part in the middle is down to us. We can accept on a primal level we have will and power and run as lone wolves, or we can become one of the pack. If we do the latter we go where the majority are going, which may or may not be the best path for us to take….

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