Hanged One


The Hanged One

The Hanged One

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If we choose to leave the wheel of fate and create our own destiny we may find we are hindered in the process. We only need to watch a spider at work to know that once the prey is caught, escape will not come easily for the intended victim. If difficulties are encountered is it best to fight in the hope of breaking away whilst running the risk of becoming even more entangled, or is it preferable to wait for a more opportune moment, which may lead to greater success? We may also need to acknowledge there may be the likelihood we have to work our way down before we can begin to work our way back up. Here we see that is indeed very much the case. He is caught in a period of suspended animation. If he tries to free himself by taking hold of the sticky strand he may find he is stuck by his hands as well as just the one foot. That would be a setback indeed. Yet if he waits a while longer, he may find the substance holding his foot to the strand becomes weaker under his weight. How long will this take? It is not easy to say but it may be in his interest to make use of this time to do some planning for what may follow. We have no spider ready to pounce so he knows he is safe from further harm for now….

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