5 of Hearts

5 of Hearts

5 of Hearts

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Sometimes when we meet that stream of emotion we hesitate, unsure as to what to do. Should be perhaps take a tentative step and test the depth? If we are prepared to do that we may be surprised. The stream could be quite shallow, showing us we had nothing to fear in the first place. 

On the other hand, we may lose our balance and topple in as we vainly try to find the bottom to offer us support. The more we thrash around, the more obvious it becomes we have gone in beyond our depth. If this happens it is true, there is a danger we may fall further and further downwards, the water totally engulfing us, leaving us fighting for air. Isn’t it a shame there isn’t a clue as to what we may be faced with before we decide to take that step. 

We can peer down from many angles, yet all we are met with is our own reflection. That reflection may not be honest in telling us how deep the water is. After all, if we have been putting on a face for all to see, that same face will be reflected back to us and will not be representative of what is really going on. It is then we know we have been deceiving ourselves when we thought we were deceiving others. 

But wait! Is there not another solution? Couldn’t the female just leap over to the other side, negating the need to get wet in the first place? Or is that a case of just avoiding the issue.

We may need to move our focus elsewhere other than on the lone figure. The prominance of the glowing chalices may be something that should not be ignored. Could this show there is spiritual support for her during her time of uncertainty? Unseen energies in the background watching over her? If that is indeed the case, it should offer comfort to us too knowing we are overseen by higher energies, particularly when we feel we have lost a sense of personal belief or strength….

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