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The Jester
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The Jester

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We would all love to be in a position where we could be carefree regarding all aspects of life. To have that ability of soaring as high as a bird with no thought of a safety net or protection. Very few of us follow that dream, and those who do find they can reach heights the rest of us can only aspire to. Others may draw breath, fearing they will fall yet very few do. The reason is simple. Those who fly have put faith in their guidance and faith in their own destiny. It is only when they allow doubt to creep in do we witness the accidents that then ensue. That tiny seed of doubt is all that is needed to change the balance of destiny. We should be open to seeing those beings as potential guides. After all, they are mortal just like the rest of us, so what is stopping us from finding our own wings and outlet where we can spread them? 

This does raise an interesting question here. Who is the fool on this image? Is it the hooded person at ground level, afraid to come out from the protection offered by the trees? If so the bare-chested male could well be there to show them there is nothing to be scared of. If the Fool is indeed the person leaping high in the air he is there to show us we can and should break from constraints from time to time. After all, the main constraint we encounter is our own self belief – or lack of…..

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