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The Star

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Not only is our lady here among the stars she is an exploding star herself. Although she may be many light years away, eventually the emanations of the explosion will be seen far and wide, but by then she would have already turned to dust in the darkness around. We will be seeing what has happened as opposed to what is happening. So when we wish upon a star, are we aware what we wish for may have already occurred? If that is the case, how long is it before we are aware of the signs to show us the reaction has taken place? Sometimes if we wait too long we give up hope and walk away. It is when we have walked away or turned our backs the sign appears but we have closed ourselves off by then and it passes us by. 

The universe is there to provide if we hold out hope for long enough. We have to remember we are just a mere dot in the big scheme of things, and that hopes and dreams are being created many light years away. An immense amount of energy is required to create new life out in the stars, yet we expect to see the fruits of that immediately. A great sacrifice would have been made, yet we take it for granted or as already explained – we walk away. Maybe our lady has come here to remind us that she gives far more of herself than we receive from her…

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