I came across a fugly yesterday; I see them around a lot actually, hiding under a cheap plastic mask that hides a cheap, plastic soul only they don’t know that they’re fuglies. They think they’re enlightened and they think they know better but they don’t really; otherwise they’d just stop being fugly.

Sounds harsh, yes but often the truth sounds vulgar while fake, meaningless praises are sought after simply because they don’t offend.

But the reality is fuglies weren’t born fugly, no… they are created whenever a sapien harness sores deep within the soul so that over time, it grows into a great big giant pool of pus. Warped by anger, jealousy, bitterness or any kind of negative energy; these sapiens form habits that become part of them. The habits begin to form the characteristics of a fugly. Left unattended long enough, the sores corrupt the soul and fuglies are born.

Try coming into contact with one; if you walk away feeling drained, like your life force was sucked out from your very veins, or if you feel like dung was rubbed all over you in a matter of minutes; or if you feel like your head was about to explode from all that cackling or endless chatter… you’ve met a fugly.

They’re psychic vampires.

This particular fugly came at me last night and tried to spit venom at me; yeah.. sometimes, they do that too. They resemble a spitting camel or a spitting cobra but either way, its best not to let the vileness touch you.

That’s why we had the pest control come in last night and well, rid vermin from the land. Send it crawling back to the barren wasteland from whence it came. Fuglies taint the land with their bitterness and they drain the positive energy off those they come into contact with.

So we built a bonfire, the entities and I. We shot the flying fuglies out of the sky and ran the limping ones to the ground. We staked them up and shaved them bald.

Then we danced around the fire out of joy for the fuglies were driven out for the time being.

7 of Wands
The beast was here all along…

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