5 of Cups

The halfling is deep in thought; should she go after the fallen cups or not?

The river is wild and her hooves weren’t made for swimming. What would the others say if they knew she lost 3 of them?

So she gathered up her skirt though she is reluctant to step into the river for she knows she cannot swim; and if the water people came, they would pull her into their watery realm and there is no coming back.

Ooohhh, the drama!! Well, have no fear, Dajjal is here!

Knight of Pentacles

Dajjal is the hedonistic Warrior of the Earth, hero to the earth-bound creatures and he told her to come away from the edge… for the cups were lost the moment they fell into the river. Besides, her dress is tattered enough; the river would certainly not improve what’s left of her rags…

Please excuse him, for the tactless, insensitive remark and for the deviation.

Now, where was he? Ah, yes..

He said that remorse is a complicated thing and it is made-up of so many components that they blur the mind to the past and the present. We become confused between “what was done that cannot be changed” and “what is not yet done”.

The cups are already swept away by the currents into the past. She cannot go back. Drowning in the process… well, that seems futile and quite counter-productive, doesn’t it?

“Is there another way?” he asked the halfling.

… I dunno know… is there?

There’s ALWAYS another way…

The beast was here all along…

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