This is how the story goes; how the first act of treachery sent order into chaos.

If we thought the first act of defiance; betrayal.. the concept of sin was exclusive to our kind, it is not. Before we spoke the first language, before we evolved into animals with conscious awareness of our surroundings.. there was Jahanam. All the travesty we thought we engineered in the history of our existence were made in someone else’s footsteps.

After all is said and done, there is no turning back for them. They will play out their tragic tale to the end; each fighting to restore what they perceive as “ideal”.

Morals are little more than twisted notions of purity; perfection tainted by the fallible mind; lies that cover up lies created by people whose names we can’t even remember… but like them, we will fight each other to ensure our truth prevails over some other obscure truth. Then in the end; like the animals that we are, the mind will give out and the instincts will rear its ugly head and the only truth we will succumb to is that Might Is Right.

Here, the parody has been played out over milleniums… so much so that the ones who were the catalysts of the first bloodshed amongst brothers have long ago surrendered to madness.

The One-Eyed God, Dajjal who stole the elemental Earth so he may declare himself Lord over all the living things that roamed Jahanam. In an incident that later got Lytta imprisoned, the title was given to Dajjal by Lytta in mockery of the limitations of an immortal trapped in mortal skin.

Knight of Pentacles

Samiri; the one who then took the elemental Fire after Dajjal’s treachery and became hideous. He tried to raze Jahanam to rid it of its corruption but was brought to his senses when a brethren took a fatal wound that was meant for Dajjal. The lord of the Fireflies became an elusive entity ever since; fire burning in his belly eating him inside out.

Knight of Wands

It was Lytta who then took the elemental Air and ruled over all things related to the air; including thoughts and words both spoken or written. Offended by the injustice, Lytta crept in the shadows of the night and dug out Dajal’s eye. He planted the seed of madness into Dajjal; taunting him with the title of the One-Eyed-God.

When summoned for questioning, he laughed maniacally.. claiming he only planted a worm under the dog’s tongue. An act of madness that deserved retribution, he ensured any off-springs of Dajjal’s would forever be cursed by illnesses of the mind. He continued to plague all mortals who worshipped Dajjal, causing distruption and chaos until he was hunted down by Samiri.

Unable to tie the air or trap it, Samiri weakened Lytta by burning him. Lytta was later handed over to Harvester, to ensure Lytta was kept imprisoned in water. Also referred to as the Beetle King, Lytta eventually was freed at the behest of Samiri though he still harbours grudges against Dajjal; for his pettiness over the eye and Harvester for holding him prisoner.

Knight of Swords

The Harvester would drink himself senseless if only to forget how ugly things became; Jahanam was once the home of the angels, now fallen into ruin.

He looks up from his abode and sees his brother burning high up in the sky; he tries to speak with Lytta but the wind is cold; skimming across the vastness of the land refusing to stop and say hello. He looks toward the land and though he feels pity for the One-Eyed God; he cannot forgive the catalyst who created this whole mess.

Knight of Cups

The beast was here all along…

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