King of Cups

A photo taken of a waterfall. A moment forever frozen in time.

I saw the water break upon the rocks into a million drops of sparkling diamonds and vanish forever into the waves below. Mesmerised, I stared into the photo waiting for him to emerge and he did… but just as quickly, I watched him disappear.

A glimpse of the elusive fiend who would not say a word. In the span of a heartbeat it took to capture this picture, he showed his pain only to hide his grief beneath the crashing waves of a waterfall.

The Harvester drinks in sorrow; washes away blood and tears from the land and gives it life; but water poisons itself when stagnated. A paradox then; the elixir of life also delivers death when we are kept in the depths of its embrace. Sometimes it is as easy to swim as it is to sink; sometimes it is easier to drown in the floodgates of depression than it is to take a breath of air.

My lamentation is a passing thing; I am drifting on a stream that churns up monsters from an abyss I helped create.

The beast was here all along…

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