You would think that there is no way in HELL its possible to break something that is already broken.

I assure you that it can be done. It can be done by grinding tiny shards of glass into white powder that cuts into your eye. The more your rub it in, the deeper it lodges itself into the soft tissues causing blindness. I had glass powder sprinkled over my heart this morning; get it out!!! GET IT OUT!!!

But there is no cure of that kind of injury; not even time can heal it because it will lodge itself deeper and deeper with time. Jagged veins of blue and purple will mark the riverbeds poisoned by decay. Its like that lil’ incident in Eden; you know the one where Satan was banished over a minor misdemeanor. He said to Adam, “Here, you can have it all… this Empire of Dirt!!! You faithless, gutless cunt!!!… (*** and Eve nodded in agreement***) … I hope you bloody choke on it..” (*** and Liliath made bloody sure he did***)

Such injuries never heal. I need to soar to the ends of the world and then push further till my wings give way. I need to fall free and crash like a wounded falcon knowing its time is coming to an end…. I need to hit the ground and feel the stillness block everything else out.

The beast was here all along…

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