Halt! Who goes there? I see the Lady Sea has brought her friends… none who slays shadows I hope .

Come drink the Lilac Wine Blush and pray let me tell you of the Prophet Fidelity.

She came to me when I was in dire need for redemption. In another place; I have done a terrible deed at the bidding of a friend.

And when I came to realize my mistake, it was too late for the wheel has turned and with it, a pair of star-crossed lovers became bound in adultery and incest.

Judge them not nor me; for in these halls we do not condemn each other but it is essential I learn the lesson for the deed would be senseless if it happened for no reason at all.

So I wondered what she was trying to tell me.. Fidelity, I mean. For a month now I had her in my company.

It was this catalytic event that woke me from the illusion of the Lovers when the traditional meaning of Lovers was challenged by deviant behavior.

No, it is not the Devil who shows her face, I am certain of it. It is Fidelity who will teach us about love and what it means to us for a lie will wither like every rose ever cut down before its time; for every Valentine, Anniversary, I am Sorry, I Love You, Will You Marry Me and all other occasion mankind have every thought up to profess love.

If it was Conformity who created the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior, both secular and religious then it is Fidelity who will test those boundaries. Hedonistic gratification or selfless love… we are all faithful to our own cause after all and ultimately, we make choices that reflect it.

Thus I ask this so that I may understand, what is fidelity when there is betrayal waiting in every shadow to tempt the heart?
The beast was here all along…

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