Took a walk along the corridors of the past, I went with a friend who was more than a friend once upon a time.

It seems like a lifetime ago but its been only months, I find I am a stranger to these halls and my friend became a stranger to me as well. How quickly I’ve lost my memory.. or could it be that I was never there? That I had lived a lie and lived it so well, did I leave long before I left?

Was it morose or relief… I cannot say. I only wished there was more when there wasn’t anything left, when we finally parted ways.

How cold I felt inside, how detached, how dead. Walking away I wonder who I have become; or was this me all along, pretending to be human? Shall I use a chocolate coated razor blade to soften the bite that comes with the tearing of the skin? Would it make a difference, to one who cannot feel?

I’m so sorry I’m all out of love today. Must have spent it all… on what I do not know. Please excuse my callousness for truly I cannot recall.

The beast was here all along…

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