I was sucked into a vortex last night… A state of dreamless slumber so deep, it seemed like I was never coming back.

Then… At the break of dawn the rooster crowed not once.. Not twice.. Not even trice.

I heard the song break through the dark spell after 3 times 3 tries… golden notes forcing its way through all the shadowy hands that were holding me hostage!

Told the snake charmer to leave me alone, to cease playing his songs because I wish to sleep a little longer… He laughed and raised the crescendo till music filled all the chambers in my head, forcing me back to reality..

“Eternity is such a long time, my friend, I grow weary of this routine.” I said to my muse…

“Eternity is only the beginning.. Its the infinity in eternity that really bothers me,” he replied, shaking the golden dust of the notes from his motley colored coat.

The beast was here all along…