Have I told you how bad I’ve been lately? Telling a lie over and over; each time the web spins around the wheel the lie gets bigger and bigger.

Have I told you how cruel I’ve been lately? I’ve cut everyone with a carefully calculated aim right into the heart; each wound is a signature going deeper and deeper.

I am a prophet in training; so I tell the truth peppered with falsehoods. I have dissected my actions thoroughly, leaving no space for shadow lies. I have assumed the role of the villain; watching the victim through hooded eyes blinded by crimson tears.

The Prince of Tears will not look upon my face for I have told too many lies to him; once, twice and three times broken… trust is a fragile possession no one appreciates while it is whole. His heart does not belong to me yet I feel its pain touch mine; it makes me wish for mercy… for him and for me. I’ve watched him age overnight. He is jaded for life has not been kind but he has grown stronger for it… Small consolation for the one who took away the glamor of Never Everland and replaced it with the barren landscape of abandoned dreams.

I feel I have to walk alone… everyone I know have gone their separate ways. Perhaps it is for the better… the blade in my hand requires a sacrifice that causes too much pain. There is a hole in my heart but my heart is no longer with me. It lies in a wooden chest locked away, bleeding itself to death.

The beast was here all along…

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