At the peak of the highest mountain, perched at the top of the tallest tower… That’s where we broke bread this night.

“We shall never speak of this again,” I told my muse. He solemnly agreed. Pinkie swear!!

“So what was YOUR most memorable moment while you walked this god forsaken world?” I asked.

He thought and thought… *tick tock, tick tock…. C’mon, mate!! I got like 30 milliseconds left on the clock before I get my ass whooped back to that place again!!*

And then he looked up… Like the sky just opened up and rays of sunlight broke through the clouds… except the sun doesn’t shine here any more.

“The moment these words were spoken to me : “Verily I say to thee, that during this night, before the cock shall crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.”

“And then what happened after?”… Inquiring minds want to know. **well.. Correction… Mind. Just me, coz I’m a busybody minding dead peoples’ business**

He said, “We ate that damned rooster.”

The way Daryl Dixon skewered the owl tonight??!! How deliciously delightful!! I met my Peter of the Crystal Clan. And yes he disowned me once? Twice?? Thrice??? What does it matter? A choice is a choice no matter how many times you stab someone in the gut, yea? Question… Does it blunt the blade when you cut someone up like that? Wait.. Nevermind.. I’ll find out myself the next time I use a jagged, rusty knife that way and break it on the way out.

Our laughter echoed clear across the mountains, I swear it.

The beast was here all along…

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