I spoke to a man yesterday who wanted to be everything other than what he was… a most disturbing encounter that left me feeling slimy after. To say it was unpleasant would be like calling a national disaster a minor mishap.

As I listened to his reasoning to a simple yet loaded question, it became apparent that he thought I was quite the town idiot myself… what fodder for the beast to feed upon.

Sprouting words picked up from decade old Get-Rich-Quick Gurus of Whoredom, he mimicked terms like “opportunity cost” and profit (yes, he is indeed a child of the Glass City, you have guessed it right) as if he knew what he was talking about. Happily shoving his foot down his throat faster than he can make up lies to cover up more lies… he appeared to be quite the imbecilic businessman begging to be bitch-slapped.

I left before he had the chance to plot the course of shipping my organs off to the black market… I kid you not!!! Right before my very eyes, his teeth formed wicked little jagged fangs and he made Smeagol look like chiseled Adonai by comparison.

There was greed in abundance, looming behind those deviously sly eyes. Would you like me to dig them out for you, Morgan? I thought to myself… Throw them into the fire, help you improve on your image? Greed is such a harsh color that is so unattractive in a person.

You know… Nature usually has quite an eye for aesthetics and I am an ardent admirer of her work but I wonder if the Jester Child stole Nature’s eyes as well, the day she crafted this silly Silly.

The beast was here all along…

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