The beast was here all along; twisted and warped over decades of abuse.

To awaken it is to conjure up a monster and if you can hear my heart breaking, it is the sound of the beast clawing its way out.

Why force the animal into a corner knowing it will fight to its death; if only to protect its will to live? Why bind a free spirit to break the wilderness thriving within its beating heart, merely to own something that will die in captivity?

I am an animal backed into a corner; there is no love this day for the one who holds a whip over me. I am a beast fighting to keep my sanity intact but the only way to survive this ordeal is to let instincts take over the wheel.

I will lose my sanity in the process, I will lose my humanity; I can be something else all altogether to please your narcissistic nature… or I can set my soul free of this shell and let it roam the spirit world; while you keep me in your gilded cage only to watch me slowly burn myself away.
The beast was here all along…

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