The silence stirred my soul awake and I can feel the angels descending from heaven. In the stillness of the night, one can almost hear the wings of the warrior doves as they sweep across the land.

Are they listening to the prayers of the people or are they merely coming out to play? Are they watching over us or are they watching us as we sink into our darkest dreams?

I wonder if they can hear me as I write my thoughts down; will they hear a whisper fading into emptiness or a silent cry to be heard in an cacophony of thundering demands?

Will my prayers be carried on butterfly wings to be weighed for deliverance or will they rise to the heavens above…. along with the voices of the multitude to form a song of the souls waiting for redemption?

This night, I believe we are all fallen angels though we know it not. This night, I believe that we… all of us… once soared the skies in the stillness of the night; listening to the voices of our lost brethren who prayed for solace, asking for a sign to tell them they are not forgotten.

This night, I chose to believe that we came here to live the mortal life so we can touch our brethren; hold them close to our beating hearts and whisper into their ear, “I love you as you love me.”…

Yet with the rising of the sun, my thoughts will fade along with the silence and I will forget. I will see strangers before me for my eyes are deceitful and I cannot see beyond the masks that hide the soul sleeping in fitful slumber.

I will not say “I love you..” unless here is a barter in exchange and I will not hold another close to my dying heart for fear it will be broken.
The beast was here all along…

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