I hope you’ll find your darkest dreams fulfilled; that you would indulge in both Desire and Despair as I would indulge in my pill.

These words resonate deeply with the thoughts drifting through my mind for I’ve always wished to own what I cannot own; I’ve always wanted to destroy what I must not destroy.

I am a walking, talking contradiction; the divine child of endless dualities. Always hopeful yet desolate… precariously close to falling off the edge.

To have everything in the palm of my hand and watch it slowly turn to dust… too many times I have had my mind give way, when the pain and hurt I can no longer contain.

To laugh in the in face of the storm that rips my world asunder.. ’tis like listening to the voice within whisper against the sound of roaring thunder. I can do no more, I can do no less… I can give up everything just to know what love is but I do not believe in it; I do not believe it exists.

I would take your lead and follow even if it means going to the gallows.. For I too, have led many down the same dark, beaten path. I wish to see what I have not seen before; and I wish to leave my mark upon the bark of an old and dying tree..

The beast was here all along…

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