Ever get the feeling you just can’t beat the game, no matter how hard you try… The finish line moves farther and farther away.

“So what does the Scar Clan Manifesto say about this perplexing dilemma? To fight or not to fight?” I threw my pen away in disgust. Watched Poe write, “… Her innocence was the first part of her soul to die. And while it happened, he stood still, watching to fully enjoy the dreadful metamorphosis from a life full of hope to death without purpose.”

My muse took my pen, fresh blood still dripping from the tip and drew a thin red line, “Duality is falsely imagined…,” he said, ” The finish line is falsely imagined… There is the truth and what you deem as the truth; and all that stands between the two is how you perceive what is from what you think it is.”

All in the mind…

The beast was here all along…

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