The serpent didn’t help for the demons didn’t sleep; its time to give in to the rage.

All the names, all the faces roaming these halls are but facets of a soul broken into shards of glass; I will take on the demon form of the jester child tonight, creep up on the lot of them and avenge all trespasses.

I had the eyes of Justice sewed into my hands; I whispered half-truths in her ears and watched in silence as she slayed all my mortal enemies. I’ll draw the serpent Loa tonight and his army of mad clowns, I’ll gladly anoint him as the Lord of the Fleas .

Let there be no rest for lying, cheating hypocrites; I’ll have their blackened tongue sliced and diced. We’ll start with the craven, shaven-headed one… then his cheap, lying whore; next comes the poser loser with a twang; I wonder if the dumbest of the cows would be worth the effort.. but I’ll save the one who worships a dead concubine for last. Let their innocence save them, if indeed they are innocent.

All the jesters will feed tonight; on living souls not worth their weight in salt. Let the jesters rise like a dark cloud sweeping across the horizon;and screams will rise in chorus as guts spill from the gluttons..

The beast was here all along…

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