Dangling my feet over the cliff, its a 10,000 feet drop but my wings were burned away when I crashed into Earth.

“Why are we here?, “I asked my muse, “you know I’m afraid of heights…”

“You were promised more than the garden of Eden but you were carelessly cut and left to bleed..” he answered, “This darkness looming before us, it can ruin your faith with casual lies and it only reveals what it wants you to see but the most it can do is throw shadows at us.”

“Kinda like the mask I wear to hide my face… It only reveals what I want you to see?” I replied…, “because you can’t see me if you see only the doppelganger pretender who fits your profile of who you want me to be but the most I can do is throw shadows at you?”

He laughed.. Exactly!!!

But I can do more than throw shadows, mate.. I can create whole worlds with the power of the word.. and I can destroy whole worlds with the power of will.. Yet I will do neither because I prefer to walk along the edges of reality and imagination… Drawing the thin red line between the two.

The beast was here all along…