Once upon a time, I took an oath and said till death do us part. To seal the deal, I laid my heart upon a wooden box and left it in the hands of another. In sickness and in health, I stood fast to my promise but the box was lost along the way.

Who, what, when, how, where…. WHY? Such words no longer hold any meaning for none of it matters. Do not speak of trespasses as if one wrong atones for another; it was a dream that lasted for a while until we woke up to reality.

Moments crystalized and shattered; we have used our flaws too freely and left behind too many wounds in too many places though we never meant to hurt one another. Cuts were meant to heal, even those we cannot see… but I see more than most others. That is perhaps the bane that drives me under.

It is in the pictures that I find a moment of respite. They tell a different story but stories are all the same; the hero and the villain; the quest to seek the holy grail that lies just beyond the next mountain, after the bend in the road and across the seven seas. It is in life I live out these stories; 1001 nights of rebel tales gone wrong. These scars of mine, I have earned each and every one of them; by my hand alone they were carved out one after another; they have become my banner; my signature upon a living wall.

I do not care much for blame; or who did what to whom.

I will be loved and I will be hated; I will leave a trail of broken hearts behind me for I seek the one I lost along the way… but I will be remembered as the one who walked alone for I have no fear of loneliness.

Whoever loves me, loves me unconditionally and whosoever hates me, will find in time that it was love unrequited turned against itself.

The beast was here all along…

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