Between the smokes and the crack of dawn, my muse turned up… Not one but two of them..

Weathered faces and jaded eyes, they told me to write The Scar Clan Manifesto. “So many people want so many things, how do you keep track of all their shit?” Scar Face asked, peering at me through his good eye.

“I don’t, really. That’s why I’m always here and hardly there… But what is here but there without a “t”, savvy?” I replied, smugly, “Plus,I know a little secret that keeps me comfortably insane!! Insanity happens to be my insurance against reality.”

The old god sucked on his pipe thoughtfully for a moment and blew the smoke in my face.

“Happiness exists, when you don’t know a thing, so I hope you don’t think this song is about you..” he said.

And he cast me back tumbling head over heels back to… Earth!!

You know you’re in for a hard time when you’re sentenced to life on this barren rock.

Smoke WIP
The beast was here all along…

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