In a tapestry of colored roses;
The one who holds the pen yields the greatest power;

The one who listens when no else will;
Will be the one who senses the turning of the wheel;

The one who watches the blade turn against the sword-maker;
Will be the one who knows a lie will turn against the liar;

While the world swings on a silver thread;
We’ll wait for the parody to play out its tragic end.

On a night when all is silent, the lucid mind speaks in riddles most would not understand.

The madman and the harlequin will clap in delight at our bewilderment; all the while laughing at our foolishness.

They will dance in little circles and they will dance under the moonless sky; they will take a bow when the last show is over and they will know it for a travesty.
The beast was here all along…

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