Prophet of Illusions

The Prophet of Illusions is a trickster of the highest order; fire starter, master illusionist and mentally unsound pyromaniac.

Blaze wraps everything he touches with the radiance of a flame, a gift of love brightly burning blue. He is coming for the wine sellers; he is coming for their lies. He wants the fat bird and the thin lizard; he wants the pig with the beady blue eyes. They will wear his mark as a badge of shame; they will be branded cattle and they will stink of burning flesh while the Prophet razes this empire to the ground.

The Emperor who sits on a wooden throne will know his legacy is falling apart.

Careful not to let the prophet close enough to touch you for he turns everything into a glowing beacon of light. He will make you his personal wicker man while he mimics your scream; he will watch over you closely as you turn to ashes beneath his cold, demented gaze.

Politics is a game not for the weak… and the dull-witted whores of Babylon have offended the wrong prophet this time round.

The beast was here all along…

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