See when there is a gathering of this sort, there is bound to be drama and I for one dislike drama with a passion. All the bickering and pettiness makes my head ache; I just can’t stand it.

I would cut off my ears and stab out my eyes if I thought that would help.. it wouldn’t. In fact, let’s just dismiss that idea outright as stupid and try something else.

The Beetle King gave me a map and told me to follow it; it will take me to someone who hated all that noise as much as I. So I took the map; locked all the Prophets in that softly-padded room for the criminally insane and went looking for the elusive hermit.

In one of the rooms marked IX, I found him. A little younger than I had expected, a little unconventional to be called a recluse; “What kind of hermit are you?” I demanded.

IX Prophet of Inquiring Minds

He stuck a lamp in my face and said to come closer so I may see better and I did.

He looked like me a if I was a man; he had the Glass City in a jar and it looked like Eden was burning. The Prophet of Inquiring Minds laughed; he said it was I who wanted to burn the city to the ground. The lamp shed light into the depths of my heart and that was what I saw.

What nonsense!!! I turned around and ran for he was crazier than the rest of them… but not before I spat a mouthful of expletives at him.
The beast was here all along…

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