In you, I see the reflection of my soul… perhaps you see the same in me as well;
If the face of evil is branded by the masses…perhaps it is because the face of a sinner is seen only through the looking glass;
Of wants and losses and grief and pain… I am no stranger to the curse of a self-destructive bane;
In all my search for the perfect mate… all I have found is the cruel humor of a twisted fate;
It may be my chosen path to remain insane… that I would be left alone again and again;
I’d trade a lifetime of bliss for a moment of sorrow yet I would not trade a moment of sorrow for a lifetime of bliss;
For it is only in sorrow that I do not feel lifelessly adrift in ecstatic plateau;
If pigs could learn how to fly… perhaps one day I would learn not to try and I would learn not to cry.

The beast was here all along…

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