Would it suffice to say that I am on a rampage, a little off the center but way more sober than you give me credit for?

Riding on the waves of a churning black sea, I caught a glimpse of another one like unto me Wicked.

He stood on the edge of a cliff and spoke most lovingly into the ears of his beloved; singing her songs to serenade her beauty… except his beloved was a skull shinning white, grinning from ear to ear.

What a wicked, wicked sight it was; I froze the sea just to stay and watch. There I stood till the sun sank into the ocean floor and finally, as if waking from a trance, he hurled her into the abyss below.

Oh my, I thought and tried to unfreeze the watery waves but too late! The skull landed at my feet and shattered like crystal glass. Smiling up at him, I took a bow and carefully swept his beloved aside with my toes…

Onwards and upwards I went, leaving her to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor where she would be safe from his explosive, erratic rage.

Rikell, like Kirell.. are killers of the soul. Shattering what little remains of you and I, till there is nothing left to mourn.
The beast was here all along…

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