I woke up from deep slumber while the world was in a coma. The streets lie deserted; such happiness I have not felt in such a very long time…

So I took my time and walked the green mile; truly, bliss came to me this day and took my hand in hers. Then I stumbled upon a secret garden, one I never knew existed!!!

The day will turn out beautifully, this I know already. Amidst the potted plants and naked statues I sat, smug and so very contented. In my hand I held a stick of burning fire, sending wisps of clove scented smoke snaking its way to heaven. I’ll share my pleasure with the Gods, for they have been generous to me today

A sip of caramel to complete the picture, this is what my garden of Eden is all about. I watched in fascination, at a statue of a lonely little boy anchored in stone. I saw him break free from his fetters, laughing in gleeful mischief as he ran along the iron stairway. The water fountain is his home and his sanctuary …

….to be continued

…. got called back to reality. The aircon wasn’t working. How utterly mundane.

Now where was I?… his sanctuary….

well, anyway…I went to see him again and his time, I saw he has a lil’ sister. Circled around the steps where he and she both live, I saw how their slippers were cast carelessly aside on the black marble steps.

They were once again frozen in place, for the world had woken up by the time I came back. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go watch them play…. before the blessed spell is broken by the sound of the human voice.

The beast was here all along…

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